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Deforestation – Say no to cutting down of trees!!!

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None of us are unaware of environmental conditions today. It is just below the danger line where the pollution is increasing, animals are dying, no fresh air, no home for flora and fauna. How can we forget to mention Global warming? And all this is due to the abrupt cutting down of trees.

The usual practice today is conversion of fore lands, into farms, ranches and for urban use, by cutting down trees ruthlessly, without even paying attention to its consequences. Why don’t people judge this?

Most of Africa’s forests are cut down, for timber, medical use and architectural imports and exports. Paper is again made up of wood. There is absolutely no end to cutting down of trees. But only the practice of clearing is going on,why don’t people plant trees at the same rate as they are cut. Now if all the forests are slowly cleared in course of time, where will the environmental balance stand? How do you think the climatic change s will occur, when no rains are seen for years. What if all the wild animals extinct slowly. Most of them are already extinct and many are endangered. All because, they don’t have places to live. Those forests and trees are their house which is cut off for commercial use.

The Global Warming rate, Pollution and Air Borne diseases have increased to a higher rate, as recorded. The earth is losing its balance when there are less of trees, less of flora and fauna. There would be no problem, if the activity of planting trees are also carried at the same rate. Deforestation has resulted in the loss of biodiversity as a whole. Soil erosion is also a notable problem, where all the fertile soil is washed away due to no trees and the land is turned into a wasteland in no time.

It is a personal problem of each individual, if he or she wants to be safe from diseases like asthma, and pollution. From where do you think fresh oxygen would come if there are no trees to take up the unwanted carbon dioxide? Only big houses, farms, malls, and shopping complexes are not the only things to survive. Oxygen, and mark it fresh air is required to live a healthy life and survive long. Only a healthy person can enjoy life to the fullest.

As said, it’s never too late for a fresh start up, so oppose deforestation to the extent you can. And don’t forget to plant trees. Try it this weekend. And I would love to hear from you, as what did you plant this weekend.

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