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Know Your Rights ! Fight for it !! – 2

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Sexual Harassment – Women today , are highly harassed sexually , but most of them remain quiet because of many reasons, some being their culture , and some being the law system of the country.Non consensual sex in a marriage , is Marital Rape.It is not a criminal offence , so its not punishable.But it is an offence , if the rape is done , after the separation orders of a judge.There is also a special enactment of women being sexually harassed at workplace.Under this act , the person to be blamed should immediately be dismissed from his job, and the members of complaint panel should only consist of women , so that no women , hesitates to raise a complained about the male employ , harassing her.

Divorce – When a couple is divorced, the has to get the financial maintenance from her divorced spouse, which will be based on the income and earnings of the husband.His financial worth not only includes his salary , but also his fixed deposits , credit balance , shares, jewellery,car and so on.If the couple has kids, their study and maintenance has to be taken care of by the father.

Rape of a Woman
Justice Arijit Pasayat says : ‘While a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female.’

Justice Krishna Iyer: ‘A murderer kills the body but a rapist kills the soul.’

For the offence of raping a women , the offender gets a punishment of seven years , which may extend for lifetime as well, under Section 376 of Indian Penal Court.A death sentence can also be awarded in the “rarest of rare cases “.A women is free to file a rape complaint at any time.If she is not safe , she can also drop a mail , to the commissioner of police , or can also drop a post , at the near by police station.Any police station within the city can be approached to register the complaint, and the police has to file the FIR , immediately.

After the Delhi gang rape case , the newest law says , a women can go to any extend to save herself from the approaches. She can even kill them , if the situation goes worst.

Childrens Rights
– Child Marriage is strictly prohibited under the Child Marriage Prohibition Act , 2006. The punishment of raping a minor is , more than 10 years , under the law.

Know your rights !! Fight for it.

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