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Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple

"Mannarsala Temple"
"Mannarsala Temple"
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Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple is celebrated around the world. The sanctuary here is committed to Lord Nagaraja (serpent god) and dedicated to serpent love. The sanctuary is spotted at a distance of 125 Km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state. The acclaimed Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple is arranged in a thick green timberland woods and spread in a region of something like 16 sections of land. The two primary symbols of this sanctuary are Nagaraja and his partner, Sarpayakshini. The Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple has over 30,000 pictures of snakes along the way and in addition around the trees, and it is viewed as the heading of such sanctuaries in Kerala state. The ceremonies are managed by a priestess of the sanctuary. The most well-known offering of the sanctuary is ‘Uruli Kamazhthal’, the setting of the chime metal vessel before divinity, and that is thought to restore fruitfulness to childless accomplices.

According to the legend, it is accepted that the first priestess of Mannarasala conceived a five-headed snake, which is accepted to live in the inborn house to protect the family. Mannarasala turned into the explorer fascination. Upon the arrival of Ayilliam asterism throughout the Malayalam months of Kanni and Thulam (September and October), each one of the serpent pictures spotted in the woods and in addition the sanctuary are as a rule taken in parade to the illam (individuals connected with the sanctuary) where the offerings of Nurum Palum (rice flour with milk), kuruthi (a red fluid produced out of turmeric and in addition lime) in addition to cooked rice are normally ready. The eldest female of family conveys the statue of Lord Nagaraja then afterward the parade is finished with incredible amazing quality and additionally delights. In spite of the fact that wedded, the eldest female part of Illam is required to lead a life of refraining around then she will turn into the most seasoned female of the crew. Throughout the celebration time countless accumulate at Mannarasala to offer petitions to God and look for the favors of the serpent divine beings. They additionally offer coins and in addition models a product of gold, silver and copper, grains of numerous sorts, pepper, delicate coconuts, plantains, melons, sandalwood etc. from the sanctuary premises to Nilavara, there are numerous of all shapes and sizes Chitrakudas encompassed by pictures of serpents, standing upright, and orchestrated so near each one in turn in unbroken pushes inside the forests on either side. Inside those Chitrakudas are the guiltless and defenseless supporters of Nagaraja. Until a couple of decades prior, practically all Hindu families in Kerala had their own serpent forests and lakes as a major aspect of their godlike object love, likewise giving an immaculate equalize to the nature of the locale. When the populace developed manifolds, numerous serpent forests were evacuated, and the greater part of the managing serpent gods were migrated to celestial serpent arrives like Mannarasala. These abnormal columns of Chitrakudas are the smaller than expected foundations of the serpents who from their forests in different places and have been carried over and instated here by the favored clerics of Mannarasala Illam.

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