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Rail Radar Train enquiry : Map your Train Live

train radar live
train radar live
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Panicking in a dense fog or in a heavy rainfall or stuck in any place where the man sitting in the counter is not at all responding properly, so here is a way for all to keep your worries a side in an interactive manner.

this new Google app is designed by Union railway ministry’s IT wing Center for Railway information systems (CRIS), is a live tracker of all passenger train traffic in real time and was launched just before winter where the need is maximum.

There is also an additional option for the passengers to know the route which was already covered by a specific train and the trains arriving at and departing from a particular station.

This is what Union railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal says “This is one of our endeavours to eliminate inconvenience to people. The family members of the passengers now need not come to the railway stations and wait for hours,”

However the system,has a minor accuracy offset. ” first of all the data is refreshed every five minutes. Plus, there is no control on weather, breakdowns and congestions,” said CRIS managing director Vikram Chopra. Also, cargo and goods trains have been kept out the application.

Check the Current Location of Indian Trains on Google Map .
The Indian Railways has just launched railradar.trainenquiry.com , a useful website that shows the current geographical location of any train on a Google Map. The train data GET refresh every 5 minutes.

Functionality of Rail Radar

At the top towards the right side you will have a data about how many trains are active at the moment. The Blue color shows the data of the trains which are ontime, and Red shows the delayed trains.

In the map itself if you click on any particular red or blue mark it will give you the info about that particular train.

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